Prescription lenses that make you look younger

How to look younger with prescription lenses


Nowadays, glasses are not just an essential item for those with low vision. They have turned into a fashion accessory that can visually make its owner a few years younger or, on the contrary, add age.

We have made a selection of life hacks on how to choose the right glasses to refresh your image and look a few years younger.

Let’s start by choosing the right frame



Frames made of black plastic is the standard of style. Black color is a sign of taste and elegance. It’s both universal and fresh. Suitable for any wardrobe and event, whether it’s weekdays or going to a social event. Wearing black-framed glasses, you will be irresistible. Look great with gray and dark blue frames. Cold black and blue color give gray hair a particular charm.


The form 

Round or rounded frame shapes are most appropriate to hide the signs of age. They soften sharp and sharpened features; fill the face with an inner radiance. The magic of round shapes is that they are good for men and women of any age! Another secret to success is in the shape of a butterfly frame or a cat’s eye. Rounded lines combined with raised corners on the outside of the frames create a lifting effect. 

Tortoiseshell frames

Round tortoiseshell frames are truly a timeless classic. This is the safest spectacle option that women of elegant age can only make. This style of frame is popular with all age groups, making it easy to adapt. Such glasses, although they look very heavy, allow you to emphasize your femininity and give a more youthful look. 

Let’s move on to lenses


Light tinted lenses 

Another way to cover up the skin around the eyes is to choose lenses with a light tint. There are truly magical shades that make the skin younger and radiate with warm natural light. Toning can be full or with a gradient (light at the bottom and dark at the top). These glasses look very aesthetic.


Additional advice: what frames are contraindicated


Great care should be taken when choosing thin metal frames, even if they seem to fit perfectly. The thing is that they are “invisible”, their glasses are transparent, and this means that all wrinkles will be visible. You shouldn’t buy thin wire frames, they will not hide anything, but on the contrary, they will give out the age of a woman. Rimless square glasses are also considered unsuitable. They only add stiffness to the face.

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