Prescription lenses for everyone

Maintaining the eyes’ health and protecting them from the adverse environment is significant in our time. Taking care of your eyesight is easy now. After all, the choice of glasses is so great that everyone will choose the right ones for themselves, considering their characteristics.

Main differences between prescription glasses and contact lenses

Glasses provide more benefits than contact lenses. They don’t require special care and cleaning. In addition, there is no need to touch the eyes just to put them on, thus reducing the risk of eye infections. Glasses are also more affordable in the long run, as they don’t need to be changed so often.

Prescription glasses offer more benefits than contact lenses.

In addition, glasses can do things that contact lenses cannot. Glasses can adjust the amount of light entering the eye for optimal vision and comfort. Photochromic lenses, to be precise, are transparent indoors at night. They can also automatically darken in the sun for comfortable, clear vision in any light. While some contact lenses can block some UV rays from entering your eyes, photochromic eyeglass lenses can block 100% of UV rays and protect the inside of your eyes and the eyelids and outer part of your eyes.
Glasses also serve as an extension of your character and personality and make the perfect fashion statement.

Benefits of prescription glasses

• Wearing glasses reduces the need to touch your eyes and, as a result, reduces the chance of developing eye infections or eye irritation.
• If you have sensitive or dry eyes, glasses will not make the problem worse than contact lenses.
• In general, prescription glasses are more affordable than contact lenses.
• There is no need to change glasses as often, except, of course, accidentally broken ones. If there is ever a prescription change over time, you can keep the current frames and replace only the lenses.
• Frames can also be trendy and say a lot about your style and personality.
• Glasses protect against various environmental factors such as debris, dust, and wind.
We are glad to announce that we are launching a new service in the online store – the sale of prescription glasses. Now you can order individual prescription glasses online without leaving your home.
How to make an order:
• choose a frame in the custom glasses section;
• in the product card, select the lens and coating for the frame and put it in the shopping cart;
• enter the details of your prescription, issued no later than one year ago.
Glasses at Ossa Frames are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so you are sure to find your perfect pair of glasses here! To make your search easier, use the provided filters by brand, shape, material, price, and even color.
Follow these simple steps, and get new glasses quickly and conveniently.

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