How to take care of sunglasses

Useful tips to take care of your sunglasses


The frames of sunglasses can wear and deform over time, and the lenses can get dirty and scratched. All this leads to the fact that wearing them becomes not as comfortable as before. And in some cases, such breakdowns can even ruin your eyesight. To prevent this from happening, you need to take care of your glasses and do it right.

Sunglasses, like any other accessory, require careful care and proper use, and then they will be able to please their owner much longer.

Dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints, falls – all these factors affect the condition of any glasses.

For the glasses to serve as long as possible, you need to follow a few simple rules that are available to each of us.


How to take care of your sunglasses

• Handle glasses with care. That is, carefully put on and take off the accessory, making sure that you don’t stretch or bend the temples and nose pads.

• Put on and take off glasses with both hands, holding them by the temples.

• When taking off your glasses, put them in a hard sunglasses case. It is the best way to prevent damage, scuffs, and cracks.

• Avoid putting glasses with lenses down on hard surfaces (this applies to any glasses, not just sunglasses) – scratches may occur.

• Sunglasses must not be exposed to shock or vibration.

• Lenses, as well as frames, are not intended for contact with gasoline, chemicals, and other aggressive environments.

• Don’t swim with sunglasses in salty sea water, as it can adversely affect the color and its uniformity.

• Sunglasses keep the operational characteristics in the range of temperatures: from – 50°C to + 45°C.


How to clean sunglasses

For daily care, you will need a special microfiber cloth. It perfectly removes fingerprints and small dirt. Due to its structure, it can’t scratch your lenses.

If there is serious contamination on the lenses or frames, it is necessary to use special sprays.

We also recommend purchasing wipes with a special cleansing impregnation. It has an antibacterial effect and perfectly copes with any pollution.

Now that you know how to take care of your lenses and frames, you can prolong the life of your sunglasses.

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