How to choose the best frame for prescription lenses

Visually impaired people often wonder how to improve their vision and protect their eyes from sunlight. The need for optics that combines both functions arises in many situations: in sunny weather in the city, on vacation, during sports, and is especially acute when driving a car. Moreover, experts tirelessly say sunglasses are not just an accessory for beauty and comfort. You should protect your eyes well from bright sunlight and UV light. Otherwise, we may face various severe diseases with age. Among which are cataracts and some types of cancer. There are a lot of options for combining sunglasses with prescription lenses.

Frame and lens compatibility

Be aware that frames and lenses may not be compatible with each other.

Familiarize yourself with the main nuances that affect the compatibility of lenses and frames.

Full-rim frame

The rim design of frames is perhaps the most reliable and versatile. Full-rim frames are more varied in shape, style, materials, and decor than other types. They are suitable for men, women, and children.

Full-rim frames are the best choice if you need glasses with different lenses for each eye. The fact is that different lens weights can lead to spectacles distortion on one side. If you use a thick frame, then it will correct the weight balance.

If you are using mineral glass lenses or fairly thick resin lenses, you will also fit only full-rim frames.

Half-rim frame

In half-rim frames, fixing lines replace part of the structure. Such ones have a very spectacular design but are somewhat limited in functionality.

Half-rim frames are only been used in combination with polymer lenses since. It’s problematic to fasten heavy glasses with a fishing line securely.

Rimless frame

Rimless frames always look elegant and stylish. They are less visible on the face. Rimless glasses always win in weight due to the lack of them.

For them, only lightweight polymer lenses are suitable, and it’s best to use reinforced lenses to avoid chipping at the attachment points.

Sunglass overlays

Sunglass overlays are perhaps the easiest and fastest way to add sun protection to your eyeglasses.

There are many types of sunscreens. They don’t always look aesthetically pleasing. There are often difficulties in choosing the appropriate shape and size of the overlay.

Optical manufacturers often produce ready-made sets of frames with sunscreen overlays to solve this problem. The overlays exactly repeat the shape and design of the frame. They attach quickly and conveniently to the front of your spectacles with the help of magnets while keeping them as stylish as they were without the overlay.

What lenses to choose for sunglasses?

Tinted lenses

It’s the most simple and affordable lens option for making prescription sunglasses. Tinted lenses differ in color, degree of light transmission (the darkest ones have 80% tint), and additional functional coatings.

Polarized lenses

Polarizing lenses darken the visible image and filter out the rays of a specific direction. Due to this, you can see the surrounding objects without blinding glare. Few people know that you can easily order polarized prescription glasses with a prescription from an ophthalmologist.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are lenses that adapt to light conditions. They are transparent indoors and darken in bright sunlight. Photochromic glasses are very versatile. You can use the same spectacles in any weather.

Photochromic polarized lenses

Glasses that combine photochromic and polarization are the ultimate convenience and an ideal accessory for drivers. These lenses are rare and are more expensive than other lenses. But it is impossible to think of better sun protection than glasses with such lenses.

People with visual impairments who need to correct them don’t always have the opportunity to purchase ready-made sunglasses with diopters because the choice of frames for ready-made glasses is limited. A great way to remedy this inconvenience is to have custom-made sunglasses. You can choose your favorite frame from Ossa Frames extensive range and enter the necessary details of your lens prescription.

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